Loans with Pawn King

Quick, Easy Personal and Small Business Loans

Loan amounts and other details depend on the collateral you offer. All loans are strictly confidential and fast! Call us today to discuss your loan needs.

Loans of Any Amount

At Pawn King, we provide cash in exchange for collateral. We will give you a loan anywhere from $5 to $1,000,000 and hold your collateral. You now have an option.

Fair Collateral Assessment

We have GIA certified pawnbrokers that can properly assess your jewelry for a top dollar loan. At Pawn King, “We loan more and sell for less.”

No Commitment

You can pay off your personal or small business loan or walk away. If you do walk away, you are not on the hook for any outstanding balance on your loan. We will not send someone to collect. In fact, we will even do business with you again! No hard feelings.

No Background Check

Pawn King offers non-recourse loan options to individuals and small businesses. This means that you can come in and get cash without needing a background check, providing a social security number or even guaranteeing payback. Our loans are different from a bank that will be required to check your credit and may not give you access to finances immediately. Banks also have the authority to seize your personal property if you default on payments which can make your financial situation even more devastating.